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Artist :Barbra Streisand
Album :Je M"appelle Barbra
Title :

I Wish You Love

Goodbyeno use leading with our chins
This is where our story ends
Never loversever friends...
Goodbyelet our hearts call it a day
But before you walk away
I sincerely want to say...
I wish you bluebirds in the spring
To give your heart a song to sing
And then a kissbut more than thisi wish you love!
And in july a lemonade
To cool you in some leafy glade
I wish you healthand more than wealthi wish you love!
My breaking heart and i agree
That you and i could never ever be
So with my bestmy very besti set you free!
I wish you shelter from the storm
A cozy fire to keep you warm
But most of allbut most of all...
When snowflakes falli wish you wealth
I wish you health...i wish you love!

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