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Artist :Barbra Streisand
Album :My Name Is Barbra
Title :

Sweet Zoo

I dreamed last night that i was a tiger in the jungle
But i was a big bad tigerfor a lion killed me
And then i was an elephanta great big elephant
There wasn't anything i couldn't do
Till they caught and they brought me to the zoo
So i dreamed i was an alligator
With a great big mouth
And four very funny little legs
Which are no good for dancing
Sothen i was a dancing bear
And i was doing my dancing where the bears dance
But i was sneezingˇ®cause i was a dancing polar bear
And it was freezing
Then i dreamed i was a giraffe
I looked so ridiculous i wanted to laugh
But giraffes can't talkso how can they laugh?
Till i woke up
And i was not a tigeror and elephant
I was not an alligator. -crocodile? -noalligator!
I was not a dancing bear or a tall giraffe
I was only me...and that's the way i'll be!
Ohthat's the way i'll be
I enjoy being an oyster!

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