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Artist :Barbra Streisand
Album :The Third Album
Title :

It Had To Be You

Seems like dreams like i always had
Could beshould be making me glad
Why am i blue?
It's up to you to explain
I'm thinking maybebabyi'll go away
Somedaysome wayyou'll come and say it's you i need
And you'll be pleading in vain
It had to be youhad to be you
I wondered aroundfinally found somebody who
Could make me be truecould make me be blue
And even be glad just to be sad
Thinking of you
Some others i've seen
Might never be meanmight never be cross
I tried to be bossbut they wouldn't do
'cause nobody else gave ma a thrill
With all your faults i love you still
Had to be youcrazy old youhad to be you

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