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Artist :Baby Bash
Album :Tha Smokin" Nephew
Title :

Image of Pimp


You know my image as a pimpit can be kind of hard to ignore
Because of my imageI might call you a hore
You know my image as a pimpit can be hard to acceptYou gotta be open for some disresepect
Word around town is I pop these P's
Word around town is I hold these G's
Word around town is I blow these trees
Word around town is Baby Beesh
Pimpin' in high velocityyall squares betta back up off me
Cuz we gonna do what the hell we do
Baby Bash the ghetto socrities
Gettin' all these keys at playa prices
Top notch ho by da name of Icess
Soak it up qick cuz da game is priceless
Money and mackin' is nuttin nice (b*tch)
Im out in Ohio man I missed my trial
Feds after me cuz i serve this D
Got blessed as Golden child
[Oral Bee translated in english]
I dominate the ladiesinsult the ladies
Some think that Oral Bee is badgering the ladies
I massage some ladiesÖbut keep it on the hush
Iím a pimpsh*tIím not supposed to have no crush
Met this ladyshe was off tha hook
A playa got hard off her sexy look
To my homies I said that she was crazy horny
Andlike most *****es she was dumb and corny
..wellthe truth is that this girl was mad intelligent
I wanted to follow her ass everywhere it went
Yeh suh! This mama turned me on
But then she met some slick-talkiní playa and was gone
He was a nasty playa who called her a queen
NowI canít do thatI am a pimp-machine
..sometimes I wish that pretty ***** still was mine
ButI got the image of a pimpand I stay true to it all the timeÖ
[Third verse]
Image of a pimp is wut I got
Take a look at me girl I live it hard
I aint chose to rhyme my game is cold
Million dollar mouth piece have you bringin doe
Back to da daddy in a candy caddy
Wit a half bag of afghanastani
Cuz me and Beesh see we blowin' big
Cant help us now cuz we on it
Ohh look we slammin' da bom on it
Dont act like yo @ss aint noticed it
Im rollin' wit a bunch of hoggs
Yall ready know they like to ball
I get paid fo sex give me the money on a daily basis
Have yo @ss on the track till 8 in da morning
Im a mack baby I aint savin' h0s.
[Baby Bash]
Blow one...
Now wut it dowut it dois yo smokin' nephew
Wut it dowut it dois yo smokin' nephew
Wut it dowut it dois yo smokin' nephew

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