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Artist :Baby Bash
Album :Tha Smokin" Nephew
Title :


Sometimes I wanna get away from all the confusion
Causin' pollution
I know you wish you could run away from this institution
Cause there's no solutionto survive

Another day when I'm waking up
I turn my TV on CNN
Another homie done bit the dustmy best friend's back up in the pen
Somebody hit the twin towers? and the buildings came tumbling down
All we could do was watch in tears
While the people of America wondered how we let it go down
ThenI heard a sound when I turned around
This old man said pray for me
Said I've been in the world for 88 long years and go now can you stay for me?
I looked him in the eyesand gave him a smile and said mister I don't mean no harm
But you ain't going nowhereso just pull up a chair
I got greens fresh off the farm
And with that he pulled a bottle from his pocket and said youngin' ima give it a try
I said hold up popsI ain't forget about the nana you promised so pass it by
and then he said...


From dusk to dawnmom's always tellin me you must move on
Let the past be the last thing to dust you son
And I trust you mom
But the ? lust for funwanna bust my gun
Wasn't much to somethen you measured up to most started walking down the road
To the treasure up the post
You just never f***ing know what you gonna seewhere ya gonna bewho you gonna meet
It's true you gonna sleepinslip into silence
Shot guns firedchoppers and sirens
Spotlight shininflashin on the glance
At a boy without a chance and the Devil on his ass

I be sayin thoughlivin my life... wishin' and hopin
I be sayin thoughchasin the dreams...
I be sayin though same thing that will make you laugh will make you cry
That's how we know manwhy that's why

I be sayin though taken away from the frustration
I be sayin though teach me to use my imagination
I be sayin though same thing that will make you laugh will make you cry
That's how we know manwhy that's why


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