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Artist :Eamon
Album :I Don"t Want You Back
Title :

Lo Rida

Yeahit's like 2:30 in the morningjust left the clubabout to go to the after-hourafter-hour spotya gotta dig
Thatover thereover thereya know how we do it. get my lo ridahit some switchesyeahyeahany highway from here to
Youya know what i mean? we gonna ride. eamonlet's rideeamonyeahya know what i'm sayinlet's ridelo ridacome on!

Feelin highgotta ride iti take routes to ease my life and there's no doubt i test my lifestill ii step back
Step backand let the feelin take controlmay be hardmay be softand what ya had might be lostbut i got togot to
Not care what i'm goin through

The lovinand the hugginthe way i just can't stop bugginthe feedinand the scheminthe way i get when i'm weaken.

Lo ridacan't get highaall i gotta do now is calm that firelove makinshit that i'm takincan't get enough
Of itlo ridacan't get higherall i gotta do now is calm that firelove makinshit that i'm takincan't get enough of it.
Yoit's been sent to find my costandyou might think it's my lossbut i'm rollinrollinto the illest place i know
Eyes are wideinside's hot andnasty thoughts just won't stopand i'm lovinlovineverything that ya do to me


[chorus 2]

Ya see i never had a chick like thiswe'd argueshe'd break outcome back like thisshe said she never had a pimp
Like thisand never seen a camouflage make like thissuckin that lo ridawe on that cali sidei'm the insiderwe
Buffintakin the valley ridei'm a provider and stay high up from tiger shotswe played wrestle beforenelsons and body
Shotsohexcited like we'reuntil we're "gatti bots"look at her bootymangot me on body watchshe got a leather
Trench on nowwith nothin under itjust like when she on top and i'm under itso i run with itgotta have fun a bit
Ain't nothin like a hoesidelo ridenew kicksnew whipsit safe0-5nice eyesthick thighsboyshe make my skin

[chorus 2repeat]

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