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Artist :B*Witched
Album :Awake And Breathe
Title :

My Superman

Verse 1
Some People Say To Me
They Say I Don't Have A Clue
I'm Gonna Make Them See
Theres Something Special About You

When You've Got You're Arms Around Me
Oh When You've Got Your Arms Around Me
In The Air Your Love Surrounds Me
Oh Now I Know You're Oh Baby

Now I Know You're My Superman
You're Amazing
You're My Wonderman
Where You Been
Wherever I Am
Come And Save Me
Oh My Superman
So Amazing
Yeah Yeah

Verse 2
This Aint No Make Believe
This Fantasy Is For Real
Ain't Talking Imagination Oh Baby
He Sweeps Me Off Of My Feet



Middle 8
Everything You Do To Me Is Supernatural
I Need To Be Beside You
I Need To Be In Your World X2
Be In Your World
Come And Save Me Boy X2

Chorus X2
Come And Save Me Boy

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