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Artist :B.G.
Album :It"S All On U 1
Title :


First Verse: [Juvenile]

Scraped my elbow jumpin' the fence
Creepin' through the grass camoflauged lookin' for them
Cowardsnon-believerscontradictorsI'm comin' to get ya
You try to frame me without the picture
ShitI'm obligatedto be a Juvenile for life
It don't change robbin' shit in this game
I know you heard about that 7th ward9th and the rest
But who's down to knock a head off and wear a vest?
Take a flight through that Nolia and then see who represent
Not with them thugs ridin' wearin' them black reebok tennis
Niggas fifteensixteenseventeen
Slangin' iron from that Josephine through that Melphanine
And would do almost anything to prove himself relentless
Likea murder job and forgettin' the consequences
Hustlin' through the brick walls avoidin' the feds
Pushin' the dope steady duckin' blue eyes and curly heads
And he got caught and then startrunnin' with yo peers
Got swole and been home and now you back out chea
And that boyd that cha shotbrothas hangin' on the block
You don't know him but he know ya look you bout to get got
BOW!!!!!! Laid out in cold blood on the Ave.
Here comes the paramedics media and crime lab
Understand this is all he know and it's all he see
Which is why they known to be a Juvenile just like me
Would'ja see that my words were a little bit cold a little bit trife
Down with Tec Mafia Juvenile fa life

Chorus: [Ms. Tee]
Niggas.......they comin' to get'cha
You betta watch ya back before they muthafuckin' split cha (3x)

Second Verse: [B.G.]

Ain't that cold? I heard a niggadowned my nigga
My partna just paged me and say they found my nigga
It's a bust back thang can't be no hoes
I got a hundred rounds plus for my Calico
Fa sho we get's busyand leave that ass fonky
Full of that monkey and we don't to act a donkey
I'ma go get in my all black fitwhen I come just sit
Cuz if ya sit cha hitif ya split cha split
If you dieyou die
Take it ten for onewave bye-bye wave bye-bye
You done took mineI'ma take yearn
This is what'cha earnchopper bullets burn
S.K. trigga clickerthe blunt-smoker lighter flipper
Paper chaser for six figures bout my issue
I'm get to split chaget cha if you in my way
I'ma deal wit'chamuthafucka take a picture
I'll wax that ass then tax on my yay
Today if play I lay with the A.K.
To spray and lay down the snaps I get down
Niggas can't touch what me and Bun puttin' down
Now down and pump round and distribute kees
You sleep six feet I tear down the whole street
Wear down the family they grieve because ya flat
Bust ya head up leave ya deader yo blood redder
I done fucked ya set down nigga hut
Nigga what keep ya mouth shut retalitation is a must


Third Verse: [Bun B]

Dead ass nigga don't failno yellin'hit the door it never fail
Shippin' his ass off to Hellstill the killas left behind him
Can't find him cuz the nine flatlined him
Now Mistermurda master for the lastin'
Niggas tryed to swerve it past herturned into a nervous bastard
The blaster the Cash Money clique'll shoot em up
And me all we had to do was boot em up
He got the buck now who the fuck want it?
I can't see it happenclips be clappin'
Cappin' you til' you see through Bitch go ask B3 too how we do
Cuz meyou to one equals people
Retaliation also known as the sequel
It's X-ratedcuz the clique's made ten and now you throw the bitch
Like I got no fuckin' senseand I don't so take that
A dead ass nigga can't talkwave or blink back
Click! Snapshotto me your rap's not
That hot like a fat rock off a crack spot
In the back got a stable
That's able to crack a bitch with a conference table
Then choke her wit a jumper cable
A Chiefer that stay reefer mo blunted
One time a hoed stunted
We beat that bitch and right now no more frontin'
Niggas actin' all shittygettin' no pity
Cuz my niggas actin' pretty showin' many from our city
Retalitation nigga


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