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Artist :B.G.
Album :It"S All On U 2
Title :

6 Figure (Featuring s)

It's methe B.G.doin' my thang
Lettin' 'em hangI represent bangity-bang
I gettin' off into shit you can not handle
I'm settin' it off in this bitchthinkin' of scandals
'Bout my paper5 figures and up with the red beam
Dealers and thugs on my team with many 14's
Hittin' your home uphittin' at everything movin'
Lookin' and losin'startin' chaos and confusion
I'm bruisin' your whole familydress 'em up in dark colors
Then come to your funeral in two Hummers
That's meBaby Gangstaspark in the day
Come out the funeral homeyou get hit at walkin' away
I'm in to growlegend with rightsI don't been enticed
To greab the K and let it sprayput an end to a nigga life
My nigga TD gettin' high wit' me
Out that 13straped up he ride or die wit' me
I was in the 'Nolialookin' for that killa guerilla
I know my nigga gangsta got it on wild willa
Uptown consist of drug dealersand thugs
For the junkies got no love
It's like thisplay pussy you catch a slug
Drug though the mudonce it's dead it's done
Hand on my gun cause I don't give a muthafuck
I'm a head buh-uh-bustaI never truh-uh-trust a bitch
Make sure I gotta silent 4-5if this nigga snitch
Get me in the fixand I can't snitch out the mix
Just gimme tree livesdouble them so I got six
Ain't that some shitwanna see me assed outta luck
Bet I ain't trippin'cause I don't give a muthatfuck

[Lil' Wayne]
I be catchin' a nigga cornerrippin' through a nigga street
Hot Boys they ride with melike a preistfive deep
Windows tintedclips exteneddrum lettin'
Bustin' lead 'nreal 'nHot Boy$ don't forget it
Leave every porch wet 'nbrains all over the step 'n
Disrespectin' the whole neighborhood block wettin'
Step inthe sectionuh-of the Hot Boy$
Full of the 'droand ride and chop you whole spot boy
Better watch boywhere you be at cause I'm a hit atthree flat
You want beefI'ma beef atmake it hotI'ma crease that
Camoflauge to the 'Bokspop off clips in the glocks
Make sure all choppers cockedstart a quakeshake the whole block
Take the tip of the jokick down the front door
Run from front to back bustin'Terius cut his wife throat
I'ma play it how it gohold a black connect sho'
We went to school for thiswe spend bins like a pro
Go chill with the JoeSay wodie let's get loaded
Blow a pound with my round50 shot'll get me toted
I'ma wet your binhit your houseunlock ten
Boy you can't win I let chopper bullets spin

Don't fuck with bitch niggaz226 bout the real
Them niggaz who paper chasego in the dark and pack that steal
You ain't hear about the young thugs
The Hot Boysthat's who the are
Run that shit blow for blowhoes be bout catchin' that nut
Nigga don't think cause we youngwe ain't ridin' or dyin' too
Down with black connection to the finishwe bout killin' niggaz too
Spend your bin quicklymake you sufferdie slowly
You hit enoughI'm about to downplay the scenery
Big ol' Expedition'sdo some dirt in it tonight
Five choppers for who lostkill a niggawe just might
Bitch niggaz get left flatlike a flat rat in the street
Abunch of young head spliterslike K.C. and B.G.
Fuck the policecause we spray them too
Pop the cop or go downcause we ain't down with that crew
Get caught up in the crossfirebest believe It's All On U
+Ohhit ain't my fault+I done what I had to do
Give a fuck about no niggathat nigga don't give a fuck about me
Any chance he get he gon' take ittry to sweep me off my feet
That's why I keep my eyes widenigga cross that line they gon' die
Leave your families cluelessand questionin' why
bull dogs bark loudchopper moves crowds
Innocent bystanders watch outthem lil thugs act wild

I'm a ride or die-ersmoke nothin' but that fire-ya
Keep all my hoes cause I'm a liar
Neighborhood uh-hotter that a toasterridin' MoMo's
and I'll roast a deal what's on my old poster
if I pull it out my holster
You sopposed'arespect a nigga like me
I'm gettin' closer and closer to the T-O-P
I'm H-O-Tbitches say I'm a D-O-G
I'm on surveilance all day be the S-P-D's
In my heart I feelfuck the police
Cause in they hear they feelfuck it
try to keep a nigga off the street
Who? Not Iniggathe trillest B.G.
Lots'a moneyand the best attourney speak for me
And I speak and represent for the U.P.T.
I creepand get bent with VL Street
I' slang heatany daynoise I bring
Feel I can't be bat any dayI'm a Hot BoyI let 'em hang
Far as they cancause I'm a thug to the fullest
Pistol in my handtrigga I pull it 'til there's no more bullets
I ain't the one to be repped on
Who whole block get stepped on
If they outsidewhen I'm rideI'ma ride 'til there's no more gas
I'ma ride 'til I put you on your muthafuckin' back
I'm in all blackbehind the skuh-uh-skimask
It ain't no way that you could last
I'm comin' like the task forceI blast with full force
I'm sorry if your grandparents on the porch
They All 'N

Even if I don't get no taller
I'ma always be a CMB ballersmokin' blunts in the hallway
I'm skinny yeahweighin' 'bout 155
But believe I could tote a chopperbelieve bitches could die
Now play with the manfull of that dope with a K in his hand
Don't want hear what'cha sayin' just don't be here when I sprayin'
How you gon' do itwe could handle that no secret
BoyI'll put some change on you head take you off the street quick
LookI got a Mack-90 that won't quit
I got clique foll of some njiggaz bout that funk shit
So what you wantget you dome split
You home hitjeopardized
Niggaz spendin' a bin in camoflauge
I'ma top knot shot callerfrom the clique CMB Ballers
Fuckin' niggaz daughtersgot my shit sittin' on Brawlers
I'm mad boywith this clique I'ma act a ass boy
It's cash boyI don't think you could last boy
I'm bout to pull some out the hall type shit
Some Steven Seagal type shit
Some *cgghh* knife shit
Don't think you niggaz feelin' that 226
Behind me the crucifixchop or get choppedsplit or get split
DoogieLil WayneLil TurkLil Teriusbetter tell 'em
These niggaz are felons"HOT BOY" be which we yellin'
Right know you close to the deviland your lip gon' get you hurt
Picture thisthree ways gon' tear up your turf

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