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Artist :B.G.
Album :It"S All On U 2
Title :

Clean Up Man

Aw.....I'm comin' through the fog
Dressed in black
Knock Yo muthafuckin' head off
Bitch nigga stop playin' wit me

First Verse:

Spark it up make it happengrab your piece
You deceasedfuckin' with meoh it's pure beef
Tragedyhomicidebattle me out there
Nothin' in between but airbitch I don't play fair
I come through like an Amtrakwhat'cha gone do?
Got a strap but it's on safetymine ready to let loose
I hit'cha spotniggas scatter
I ratta-tattawhatever it don't matter
Hollows come out like blat-blatta
I gotta shop across townapplied it so they doomed
Soon as it hit Noon I'm blastin' off in the room
First thing flinch I go boom
With the sweeper I sweep like a broom
Creep like the Grim Reaper leavin' everything wound
When the Moon come outthat's when the snakes come out
The fakes go inyou got ithide out in the drought
You leave a gat open I'm squeezin' it cuz I'm scopin'hopin'
I can catch a nigga with some birds just locin'
So I can uh-abuse the bitch
Misuse the bitchrefuse me then his family gone lose the bitch
I'm colder than iceI'm smoother than sand
Baby Gangsta headbusta just a clean up man


On dangerous groundswith the K off in my hand
Ready for me to blast I'ma clean up man
On dangerous groundswith the K off in my hand
Ready for me to blast I'ma clean up man
On dangerous groundswith the K off in my hand
Ready for me to blast I'ma clean up man

Second Verse:

B.G.Hot Boyleave ya dick in the dirt
Ride with JuveyLil' Wayneand Turk
Puttin' faces on shirts
You know tuh-uh-togetherwe acts a ass
Fifty shotsout each clip we blast
Full of that trashout the St. T
We mash on the gas
Hangin' out the windowhit the heat
Apply pressure to yo head nigga
And little bullets take red from yo head nigga
Should have watched your mouth and not said what you said nigga
But uhn-uhn-uhnnow that nigga's deadnigga
It's All On U
If you got beefwould you freezeha nigga?
Grab the ass kicker and hit the enemy block nigga?
If you got beef would you squash it and eat it?
Make a nigga bleedor think it's cool and now you eatin' it?
If you got beef would you try to sleep on it?
If it's with me you ain't thinkin' cuz I'll creep homie
If you got beef better squeeze trigga nigga
Kill it no matter what even if it takes four beats nigga


Third Verse:

I come hard enoughya feelin' me?
Fa shiggedy
Bitch niggas gone get they wiggadys splittisplitti
You done pissed these niggas off from Chopper City
In each and every K we totethey got fifty
So bring it on however you wanna bring it on
Yo block explode like a bomb
I'm dangerous and armed
The B.G. did itI live til' I'm gone
I'ma H.B.and gotta get my shine on
So when the gangsta situation's starin' at you
Nigga look the other way or do what'cha gotta do
I'm quick to leave all the choices on you
Gotta trigga happy clique ask questions after they shoot
The people in blue can't even take the scene I leave
If ten niggas on the blockthen ten niggas I leave
Now Frank Mignon got work for three weeks
That's how the U.P.T. play it if we got beef
I'm stompin' on dangerous groundsK in my hand
I ain't bout playin'call me the clean up man
Call me the clean up manon dangerous grounds with the K off in my hand.

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