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Artist :B.G.
Album :It"S All On U 2
Title :

Plan Went Sour

PictureI'm always plannin kaperz tryin to come up on cheese
But my kaperz goin sour for the Lil' B.G.peep me

[Verse One]
I was born a losera stank pussy abuser
Murders I'm accused 'cause I'm a AK user
Struggle for my stat to be phattest on knots
Pack Glocks wit 17keep a nigga off my blockit's hot
'Cause it's bumpingot nothin but dope traffic
Six figgas what I'm aftercan't be play'n and laugh'n
Young wit good sensebent behind the tents
In front of this baller house that I'm 'bout to go in
I got it mapped upit's planned all out
I demand you deniedthem lights goin all out
I done scoped for 3 weeksbeen broke for 3 weeks
Hope inside they got a bird of coke and 10 G
The niggas in the project come in black like always
Invisible wit the mackit's dark in the hallways
Creepin so slow'cause it's on the second flo'
I gets up therethey got a crack in the front do'
I push it wit ease
Nigga freeze
Get on yo knees
No keysno G's
I find dead bodies
Two wit head shotsone nigga still breathinhe bleedin heavily
I'm leavin a made G
Get back to the cartryin to get far as I can
Nigga planned what I plannedmy gun shakin in my hand
It's one way goin gettin money and the power
Gotta think again 'cause my plan went sour

That's coldI'm tryin to hold money and the power
Everything I do goes sourhour after hour
I don't wanna sale flourI want a office in a tower
Sittin on G's wit 30 keys of powder

[Verse Two]
I lay back and think againtryin to come up on cheese
Do what I gotta donigga it's all on me
Just like it's all on you to chose right from wrong
Might be a power move to go in this nigga home
I'ma handle my bizplan it out and shit
Aint killin no kidsbut I'ma split his wig
If I have to spank his bitchI'ma spank the ho
Get off the motherfuckin flo' and take me to the coke
Now where the stash atwhere the cash atwhere the grass at
Look at this chopper in my handI'ma blast thatpass that
Green shit wit Ben Franklin on it
I'll spill you niggaaint no need for thankin on it
I gots to have itup it bustareal fast
Fo' I get to the pointfuck it busterand I'll blast
You play with fire get burnedfuck wit B.G. get burnt
I'ma hustla 'til deathbe trill to my last brat
I let my nuts hangI'm bout money and the power
Thinkin again 'cause my plan went sour
That's coldman that's cold
My plan went sour


[Verse Three]
I planned this and I done planned that
But every time it go sourI can't stand that
I want money and the power in my hand black
I'ma end up leavin the gamewhat the fuck is that?
I done kidnappedI done jackedI done slung the mack
And everytime the kaper overI bring nothin back
I have no paper and I'm sober I aint havin that
Any high-roller got what I wantthen I'm grabbin that
All I got is my rap folder tryin to make a mill
But they got niggas even colder tryin to make a mill
I just be real and hope B.G. hit the jack pot
Put on the spotevery tape we drophit the store hot
We got a plan and we clique tight on the riseI come out Juvey ride
Hot Boyz come outwe all ride
I'm 'bout mine and ya know to progressgotta struggle
Do what I gotta dogotta rap hustle
Ya playa hateI pluck yafuck yahoes jock ya mail
You know I gotta duckbut I'm tryin to bring up tape sales
'Cause I got a planI got a plan to go platinum
Holdin my dickG's and a strap in my hand

[Chorus] 3x

Niggarespect that
All these niggas puttin on they black mask
Dressin up to get dey cashya heard me
Don't go in that kaper if it aint planned right
'Cause it aint gon' come out right
You aint gon' come out wit no mail
Make sure you got it down pat
I done been through it
And I aint bring nothin back
But I'm bringin this shit to the fuckin distribution people
And they sendin some shit backya heard me
It's all gravyCa$h Money RecordsBlack Connection on the rise
All the time...

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