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Artist :B.G.
Album :B.G."Z True Story
Title :

These Hoez

Run it like this

[Verse One]
I don't sweat no bitchesI only issue dick
I only dick in the splitsI never have been a trick
I label hoes as hoesyou can't be my boo
BitchI be home tooso how the fuck I'ma do for you
Alize and Tanquerae had my dick ready
The jelly heavygreasy
Cause when it's tight it tease me
Cause I nut easybitch please me and suck
Ya wanna be greedyso catch my fuckin nut
Hoes wanna be my ol ladyhave my baby
Bitch ya must be crazytryin to glaze me
Wanna replets see ya play me
Ya get left under daisies hoif ya tryin to fade me
My old hoI had to ex the bitchshe got grazed
When a nigga sprayedso get on ya waygood day
I aint no goodI'ma dog anyway that's bout pimpin and livin
Gots too much game to be slippin
No trickinjust dickinpussyI gots to have it
But before I get moneyI supply my fuckin habit
B.G. jockin? Neverbitch you cant handle
Have fakes and they donethe bitch gets ass broke
That's how it isall my hoes get bounced
I knock the pussy outthen I shoot straight for the mouth
It's no doubtI gets dirtysay bitchhow you figga?
Call me a real assdog assdick servin nigga

I don't give a fuck about a hocause da bitch ain't shit
A ho 'gon be a hoa bitch 'gon be a bitch
Stay above da hodon't love da ho
If ya a thugwhen it's overyou'll shove da ho

[Verse Two]
Nigga kill dat conversation bout yo ho you say I fucked
She tryin to duck
But I fucked and nigga what
You trippin on my set and you disrespectin
Nigga better steppin fo' I leave dat ass wet and
You upsettin my fuckin nerveI relentthat chopper leave you wet and
Knock yo shit loose in a second
Pussy protectinI fuck baby mamas in this section
Concert reckinBill Board chartin wit Black Connection
In affect and chopper totinput ya coke in
Them niggas from China bringin it in on a boat and
I snort that dopemanbut I ain't broke manI thought you knew that
I dress in blackwho datgon' do dat
Knock yo crew flat off the topI get high and shoot back
Knock yo crew flat off the topdon't know why I do that
Tryin to get my loot fatthen I take it to the street
Interrupt my paper chasin then I'll take ya to the street
Ain't no fakinnigga I'm erasin playa hatin
Rapin ya for ya life
Tryin to earn OG stripes
You hoes know you be feelin me
Trill niggareal as can be
Yo ??? get spilled nigga
Cash Money Records representin to tha finish
Beef we winnincause we stay spinnin a binn and
No laughin no grinninno he-heno bullshittin
Respect my mindI'll put ya life to a endin
I don't like these messages through these hoes you be sendin
Approach me bitchwe both supposed to be men and
I got the Mac-10 and the Mac-9 and nigga try me
Drama to Cash MoneyHot Boyzthat's a hobby


[Verse Three]
I ain't lovin no mans daughterI fuck a ho and ride
I stay high til I dieI lay dat pipe down then bye
You could try to get some snapsbut it ain't no haps
I fuck whiteblackHispanic and japs
My dick is made of irononce it's rockit's on
Hit a bag of that bombbreak ya off then bring ya home
BG and L.T. be teamin up and trainin
I toss a hohe toss a hoCash Moneyweedand drainin
Stay in line hoget ya mind right bitch
Keep ya mouth shutget smartnigga off in ya shit
That's how real niggaz play it
All these rookies can't take it
Ya'll outdatedCMB can't be faded
Take it how ya wannabring it how ya feel
Hardest Hot cominho I represent the real
Bat a bitch upSmack a bitch up
Get bucktry to rush meI'll back a bitch up
Serve coke by the poundB.G. get down
V.L. locked uphe'll touch down
My motherfuckin round
Uptown is where I'm fromV.L. is where we be
A.K.s is what we packthe title is B.G.
Head bussin niggasexamples we settin
All these fake niggas threatin
Lettin these hoes disrespect 'em
But I'm checkin 'em

[Spoken: B.G.]
Fuck these bitches
Dick suckin hoes
These hoes aint dishin nothin but some good mouth
Off Top...
These bow-lowsho
Droppin these bow-lows in these hoes mouth


[the B.G.]
Some of these niggas is bitches too

Don't love ya
Don't need ya
So why the fuck would I feed ya?

[the B.G.]
What's up?
My nigga K.C. got 10 year for doggin these hoes
B. in this motherfucker

Bet itman
Understandbet itman

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