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Artist :B.G.
Album :Checkmate
Title :

You Know How We Do

[Lil' Wayne]
(Gibberish noises)

I pass with the top off like my car was named Lil' Kim
The lil pimp hopped out wrist lookin like a skittles blimp
Do not introduce me to your chicthat'll get her flip
I'ma try not to mention that I'm richbut it'll slip
I really whipped the Z doin' a hundred and thirty
Come back doin 25 in a hunter Excursion
Open mouth and it'll beam like the sun is emergin
When I'm outwomen scream like they thumbin a virgin
Hummers be swervin like I'm passin y'all in speeding go-carts
She think she look like a basketball season score chart
Hotter than a damn blow torchyou see me sizzlin
When your freak be missinI got her twurkin n she be whistlin
Piece be glistenin every time it get a light reaction
Despite the braggin my chest brighter than Michael Jackson
BMW motorcycle drag racing dawg
That playas raw call'em "Lil' Wayne the Don"

[Chorus 2X: Lil' Wayne]
When we come through you know how we dodog
(shooshoo) up the insterstate with the roof off
We be shinin in diamonds very bluedog
Just the life in the ice'll make ya cool off

DamnI like to repI like to shineI like to look good

[Lil' Wayne]
B.Geezy let them niggas know

I come through in somethin newhoes hollerin' "Look at him!"
That be the Hot Boy they call "Bling Bling Slim"
Park the whip crookedgrab the heatjump out
Everybody lookin and sayin "damn he iced out"
The chain I got on costs more than your dream house
Presidential Roleydon't even want talk about
Say whodi look at your bitch - she drooling from the mouth
Wanna ride wit lil' B.G. and wildout
Don't triplet her come dip wit me dawg
I share them lips wit Weezy 'til she get locked jaws
I'm a fool wit itniggas know but don't want admit it
It's coollong as you respect meI'm chillin
Cross the line I draw for ya - it's a killin
It's gonna be clickclack bluckablucka brain spillin
Until then I'm reppinStuntin flossed out
You see me if you up north and I'm down south


Nigga don't think I changedI grew up doin good
Still: fuckchilland get my hair cut in the hood
Never forget where I come fromI'm too real
Never for get the days I had to get it how I live
But it's better now; I'm on another level now
I got cheddar now; I got my shit together now
I'm livin swell niggaI'm givin hoes hell nigga
My broad is in orderI refuse to fail nigga
BenzosBeamersand Bentleys
Man I'm ballingo to a dice game wit a hundred G's
Lose it - laugh about it - nigga like me don't miss it
Make a phone call get my bitch to come bring me 50
True thatit's all gravyI get that there from Baby
When I struggle niggas love me - now they can't take me
But as long as they don't fuck wit me - I don't worry bout'em
But if they fuck wit me - you gone have to worry bout'em


(Gibberish noises sounding like the chorus)

Just the life in the ice'll make ya cool off

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