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Artist :Amanda Perez
Album :I Pray
Title :

I Need Your Love

I need your love baby.
You been giving me so much lately.
OhI love the way you make me feel.
For you boyI fell head over heels.

You make me wanna say
[2x] ooohh baby baby.

Oh the way you make me feel inside
your love I'll never deny.
The way you hold me tight
the way you feel so right
your love oh I like.
BabyI'm yours.
You can give me your lovin' every day
and I'll still need more.

Oh you make me wanna say
[4x] oooohhh baby baby.

I'm just about at the end of my road
but I can't stop trying
I can't give up hope
'cause I feel one day I'll hold you dear
whisper I still love you
until that day is here.

[4x] oooohhh baby baby

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