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Artist :Alan Parsons Project
Album :The Time Machine
Title :

Call of The Wild

Written by ian bairnson

Well i've talked to the wind and i've listened to rain
I have climbed to the clouds and i've cried out with pain
This life is for living so come to my side
And open your heart ¡­ to the call of the wild

We are all of one nationall of one creed
We are all out of natureall of one seed
We are in this togethermanwoman and child
So open your heart to the call of the wild

We talk the same language in different tongues
We're somebody's daughters and somebody's sons
But those who believe we are head of the chain
May wake up to find we are all that remain

There is no need to fear what we don't understand
For we breathe the same air and we walk the same land
The strong and the anxiousthe meek and the mild
All dance to the drum¡­ that's the call of the wild

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