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Artist :Black Eyed Peas
Album :Behind the Front
Title :

Joints And Jams

Yeah...a chick-a-doomchick-a-doom chick-a-doom

Chorus thatís the jointthatís the jam
Turn that shit upplay it again (3x)

[will I am]
I like the way the rhythm makes me jump and move
It gots the feeliní that makes me wanna do my do
Got me feeliní joyturn my grey sky blue
And when you hear a cut baby doll I know you
Will feel it huh? get up on the floor start moviní some
Body parts that got brothers actiní dumb
And they be actiní dumb from the cut that playiní
People break they neck from this demonstration
We about mass appealno segregation
Got black to asian and caucasian sayiní...

Chorus (2x)

Let your body collide to the rhythm provided
By the mind state affairs classified and make your
Heat up and flare I swear
A serenadea soul and so beware
And whatís happeniní hereseek one to help you
Feeliní a piece of mindlet your spine unwind
Maybe in time you can stop this crime
But until thenyo iím-a rock a rhyme sayiní...

Chorus (2x)

Bridge itís the jamitís the jamitís the jamitís the jam
Itís got groove itís got feeliní
(a chick-a-dooma chick-a-doom chick-a-doom doom)
Itís the jamitís the jamitís the jamitís the jam
Itís got groove itís got meaniní
(a chick-a-dooma chick-a-doom chick-a-doom doom)

Got the stateís appeal with the jointís that real
I donít need no steel to make my point
Get down and dirty cuz thatís my joint
Ha! we preferably make all points
Through a nation we build off the musical field
Or a visual thrillwe do what we feel
Any time or placeon stage in ya face
Over tea in earth and outer space

[will I am]
Because we rock that *shit*we flip that *shit*
Some east coast west coast cosmic *shit*
Some north bound *shit*some some south bound *shit*
Some overseas london out of town *shit*
Rockiní the jointrockiní the jams
Turn that shit upplay it again cuz...

Chorus (3x)

Bridge (1x) to fade out

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