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Artist :LL Cool J
Album :The Definition
Title :

Apple Cobbler

[LL Cool J]
Uhh.. uhh.. uhh.. uh-huh
Uhh.. uhh.. that joint is hot baby!

[Verse One]
Lightscameraaction - hold up
You know my styleI been blowed up
Paper was youngnow it's growed up
Stacks so thick it's hard to fold up
Yo Bfind another rubberband in the truck
Count up the moneyI'ma stand in the cut
Stroll in the party and I toast Cris' up
Tell that a muh-hucca gets this up
Shake that cookie like what like what
Toss me a drop it's like lightning struck
Look at that apple cobbler butt
Whatchu wanna dowhatchu think? Want cut
NBA Live in my truck
Parkin lot like all jammed up
If there's beef it's best you duck
I'm gon' eat 'til I'm filled up

[Chorus: Timbaland]
Throw it to me - that apple cobbler
Baby itcan I see (can I see) that apple pie?
I said throw it to me - that apple cobbler
Baby itcan I get (hey) can I get it deep fried?

[Verse Two]
So much sugar it's makin my head rush
Tell me what the recipe is for that stuff
Break me off a piece of crust
I'm so full I'm bout to bust
Just one slice is not enough
Dang that thang tight like handcuffs
What I gotta say to you for you to give it up?
What if I was payin you so you could live it up?
Hoochie seats inside yo' truck
Tiffany rocks and trillion cuts
You be StarskyI be Hutch
Ride shotgunI pop that clutch
Juicy sweatpants drive me nuts
Take my 2-waystay in touch
I'm gon' scoop youheat you up
Take youbake youeat you up


[Verse Three]
Turn that hair 'roundbuck them hips
Love when your hair get stuck to your lips
Apple cobbler sweet and thick
I'm gon' eat you 'til I'm sick
Yo' dessert is worth a grip
I admit you make me trip
Make me wanna run to the mall like I'm a trick
I can't believe you're makin a baller have a fit
Trippinswitchin past my clique
Lick that juicyask my clique
Stretch them jeans girl make them fit
Make me go outside and pit
You know memy cake is sick
Me and Timbo makin hits
Apple cobblerthick and rich
Just how hot can one girl get?


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