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Artist :Amy Grant
Album :Unguarded
Title :

I Love You

You were pretty crazy
Back when we fell in love.
Wanting to be everything
That I would be proud of.
Hours we spent dreaming
How wed beat the odds.
Now the truth has hit us.
Life is very hard.
Life can be so hard.

I love you.
Deeper than I ever dreamed of
I need you. (I need you.)
Staying here til we can work it out
I want you.
Knowing that through all the changes
I love you. (I love you.)
Somehow I just had to tell you now.

Ohto stay your princess
If I only could.
If you never saw the rotten;
Only saw the good.
Youd still be prince charming
But we would never know
How its in the darkest times
True love finally grows.
Come on true love grow.

(repeat chorus)

You got meI got you.
Sometimes it takes a little working through
But I can tell you now...

(repeat chorus twice)

(I need you.)
(I love you.)
(I need you.)
(I love you.)

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