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Artist :Amy Grant
Album :Never Alone
Title :

If I Have to Die

Do you have a heavy heart?
ícause you try to play the part
Of a life that you donít know
And now itís scaring you?
ícause youíre saying all the right words
But no oneís ever heard
The voice thatís crying out
Inside your heart....

Sayingplease donít make me die for you.
Iíve gotta make you see
That thereís a part of me
I never want to lose.
But if I have to die for you
Somehow let me see
That youíre more than words--
I need a glimpse of you.

But it sunk the church again.
And the habit to pretend
Is stronger than you knew
Look how itís ruling you.
But itís friends you try to blame.
OhIíve done it just the same.
ícause itís easier than answering to him.

You think that theyíre playing games
And leave and never act the same
And you donít want a part of their show.
Yesyou think thereís something more
But not inside these holy doors
Wellwhat are you looking for?

Yeswe have to die for him
Thatís the struggledonít you see?
ícause itís the hardest thing
Youíll ever have to do.
But noitís not impossible;
Heís been waiting so long for you.
But donít be afraid--
He knows the pain
Because he had to do it
For youfor you....

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