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Artist :Amy Grant
Album :My Father Eyes
Title :

Always The Winner

Always the winnerbaby.
Youíre always the centerbaby.
But donít you ever get lonely at night
When the clouds have gone away?

Itís always
Youíre showing her the lady
Always the lady.
Youíre full of
Yourselfyou know
Gone crazy.

There was a time when you cared for their hearts
And the need to show them love was tearing you apart.

But you changedyou know
Become the star of the show.
Now youíve got nothing to give;
Where is the truth you once lived?

Youíre just lonely.
Donít you feel lonely?

Turn out the spotlightIím tired. turn out the spotlight.
My mind will dielordIím crying.

OhIím to turn my gaze backlordto you
Youíre the only one who knows me.
Just mold me back to you.

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