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Artist :Alabama
Album :Christmas Vol. 2
Title :

I Was Young Once Too

He raced that engine down the track 'round the tree on christmas day

I was so amazed my dad would play with trains

I saw a sparkle in his eyethen i heard him saycome on son let's playi

Was young oncetoo

He washed that buick faithfullylord he kept her clean

I thought that machine meant more to him than me

On the day i turned sixteen he threw me the keys

Said i was young oncetoonow she belongs to you

He was such a young man theni'm older than that now

I hope i measure up to himwhen the circle comes around

I saw him in the attic sittin' cross legged on the floor

With some old photographshe point and laughed

He saidthat's me in that picturei saidno sonthat's your dad

I was young oncetooand looked a lot like you

I was young oncetooi was young oncetoo

Merry christmas soni wish your grandpa were here

He was young oncetooand looked like me and you

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