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Artist :Alabama
Album :Dancin" On The Boulevard
Title :

One More Time Around

Well it's concrete and asphalt drivin' into work every day

This livin' can't be healthy but the lord knows i got bills to pay

And there's others here just like methey got families to feed


One more time arouundtime aroundon the job is where i'll be found

One more time arouundtime aroundearn my pay and hear that whistle sound

Well thunder and lightingit don't matternothin' stops the clock

The radios are blastin'mine is playin' countrysome play rock

The rhythm and blues of the workplacewe take pride in everything we make


Five o'clock is comin'we're all racin' down the same track

Life is a circlesometimes we meet ourselves comin' backwell


One more time around

Time aroundtime around

Time aroundtime around

Time aroundtime around

Time around

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