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Artist :Alabama
Album :Feels So Right
Title :

Love In The First Degree

I once thopught of love as a prison a place i didn't want to be.

So long ago i made a decision to be footloose and fancy free.

But you cam i was so tempted to gamble on love just one time.

I never thought i would get caught.

It seemed liek the perfect crime.


Babyyou left me defneseless.

I've only got one plea.

Lock me away inside of your love and throw away the key.

I'm guilty of love in the first degree.

I thought it would be so simplelike a thousand times before.

I'd take what i wanted and just walk awaybut i never made it to the door.

Now babei'm not beggin' for mercy.

Go ahead and throw the book at me.

If lovin' you's a crimei know that i'm as guilty as a man can be.


Oh yeah. oh yeah.


Oh yeah. love in the first degree.

Love in the first degree.

Love in the first degree.

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