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Artist :Alabama
Album :Mountain Music
Title :

Gonna Have A Party


Gonna have a partya rockin' little jamboree.

Gonna have a party. come on along with me.

Gonna have a good timeev'rybody's feelin' right.

Gonna have a party a week from saturday night.

Wellthought i'd call you earlyi thought you'd like to know there's gonna be a partyand i'd love for you to go.

I just wanna give you time to get your story right.

There's gonna be a partybabeand it might last all night.


Now we're gonna play some musicand we can sing along.

And i'll bet before the night is throughwe'll play your favorite song.

And when they play the slow dance and i'm holding you so tightthat's when the party's startin'babeand it might last all night.


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