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Artist :Alabama
Album :Pass It On Down
Title :

Starting Tonight

If i could design forever

I'd put you and me together each night

Together each night

The best i can do is promise

I'll love you true and honest and right

I'll love you right


Starting tonight and from now on

I will be yours and yours alone

Dependable and strong

A rock by your side

I'll be beside you through the stom

You'll have a fire to keep you warm

Not just for now but from now on

Starting tonight

Ifa man ever loved a woman

Then surely this is the moment for me

The moment for me

I've never known a feeling

So deep so real as being with you

As being with you

Repeat chorus

(c) 1990 maypop music (a division of wildcountryinc.) bmi & new john music/the new crew/nwb music & the new company/wb music (ascap). all rights reserved.

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