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Artist :Badly Drawn Boy
Album :The Hour Of Bewilderbeast
Title :

Everybody's Stalking

Then feeling low

Strap your hands across my engines

I'm not a broke so please don't bend me

Your like neon sign

Just burn so bright

Penetrates like an infection

Gives me feeling i can't mention

Maybe all i need

You need to

Don't wait for me

I'll wait for you

Gonna follow you around

Gonna wear you down

Don't want to alienate you

As long as it might take you

Things come in ones

And double up to twos

Don't want to rain on your prossession

Only seeking you obsession

It might take a little time

Got all the time we need

I'm not here to try and fool you

Just trying to break down thru you

That's wasn't right

Then nothings wrong

I've gotta feeling its alright

Gotta keep you in my sights

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