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Artist :Badly Drawn Boy
Album :The Hour Of Bewilderbeast
Title :

Another Pearl

I don't think i ever felt so good.

When all i need is to be free

Where i love you and you love me.

Follow the circle sur le plage

On a mono-coloured trip voyage.

This is the colour of my word

Stay watch me find another pearl.

Follow the gold leaf trail back where

We were young and had no care.

Tracing the circles that we made

I don't wanna live a life in shade.

Will this be a desert or a beach

Or a place to find the things we need.

Now you and i make up perfect things

Watch me trade my wheels for wings.

But don't ever use those wings to fly

Just the essence of a lullaby

Now i am a giant grain of sand

But i may be slipping thru your hand

Follow my colour coded world

And watch be find another pearl

It's a sound that i love

And it came from above

These's the sound of the sea

Are you following me

Let's walk to the sound of distant shells

To a place where life would have no end

You'd be the mother of my pearls

If you follow me into my world

Back to a place where i'd be free

Where i'd love you and you'd love me

This is the colour of my world

Go watch me find another pearl

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