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Artist :Barcode Lovers
Album :Sunlight Moon
Title :


Momma took those batteries

Momma took them right away

Momma took those batteries

Size double a

Now i'm going down San fransisco to get some more

I'm also looking for girls and magic medicine

In the town of towns!



San fransiscosan fransisco

San fransiscosan fransisco


There's this one girl

Standing in the sunlight

She's got long brown hair

that glimers in the light

i'm walking over to her in....


(guitar solo)

Did i ever ask that girl out?


Now she's going out with my best friend

What a blow

In the town of dreams


(chord sequence)


 The Byrds - I Am A Pilgrim
 Clem Snide - Forgive Me Love
 Rush - The Anarchist
 Justin Bieber - One Love
 Rebecca Ferguson - Teach Me How To Be Loved
 Rahsaan Patterson - Crazy
 Chris Brown - Stuck on Stupid
 Slash - No More Heroes
 Rush - Caravan

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