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Artist :Blacker
Album :So you think you can singhuh?
Title :


Do you know where you are?

Or when you're comin' back

You seem kind of lost

you must be f***ed on crack

You smoke it all and you sniff the rest

And don't you love your yellow pill

Your skin is piercedinjection mad

You've hitched a ride to stonerville

You've got beaten up

You're a pretty cat fighter

You lashed out at your girl

Because you lost your damn lighter

You say it's stress your life's a mess

You're living a lieyou can't deny

You're kicked out of classyou're talking through your ass

Take a breakbig mistake

To break her heart you still succed

You've got a jobmy ears still bleed

You've got the cash for loads of hash

Now that you have lost your place

Take a hike or shut your face

Lay off the weed lift your head

The noise of the crowd has now grown dead

They think you're strange that's to expect

Stick with meearn back respect

Go talk to your mom and learn your lesson

You were serious you weren't messin'

You've left you're group of punk ass thugs

Cos there aint nothin cool 'bout drugs

Cos there aint nothin cool 'bout drugs

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