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Artist :Avenged Sevenfold
Album :Sounding the Seventh Trumpet
Title :

Darkness surrounding

The smell of fall.

Changing season.

The graveyard is aliveblack cat across my path

the chill of cold windthe breath of the dead.

Imprisoned souls.

Trapped for eternity.

Black crows break the silence.

The garden of the deadís alive tonight and you can't stop it.

Just enjoy it.

Open up your mind and you will feel it too.

The soundthe touchthe thoughtsthat you've been so blind to.

You can feel the thoughts of the dead.

Feeling the thoughts of the dead.

True or falseit's still thereteaching me.

True or falsestill thereteaching me.

You can feel it tonight.

The wood has rotted away.

Take the time absorb it.

Their time is slipping away.

Stone all carved by hand.

Statues that resemble their faces.

They still breathe.

Come join us.

Smell the burning emberstime flickering away.

Timeless but soon gone.

Timeless but soon gone.

I can find myselfalone with just my thoughts.

As time crumbles away.

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