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Artist :Avenged Sevenfold
Album :Waking the fallen
Title :

Unholy confessions

either that or i have ants in my pants im so ugly i couldnt even glance in to my reflectionha ha he he i shall do my cheerfuldance until i ficinate in my pants.

mish-mosh-mee i think my feces just squashed i took a posh right into my osh. vosh vo vich vee i took a humungous excretal waste in your mouth

so pitter patter pitter patter im going to douse you in a batter. so i can eat you up goddamn you a slut.if icould iwould be a slut just like jabba the hut. schlosh poosh pootosh my computir is a macintosh

poo poo poo poo chachoo i am a trian soo toot toot. huba chinchy can suckmy winkie so wang bang cho cho trian wind me up i do my thang no reicies peices 7 up mess wif me i mess you up wigy dingy ching chong chiney dont be shy i have a weiny

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