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Artist :Avenged Sevenfold
Album :Waking the fallen
Title :

I Wont See You Tonight part 2

Breaking apart the ones you love

Hate runs deep for what you've dont to us

Left alone throught suicide...suicide

I just want to dietake away my life

lay by your sideplease....

Look at my face you pierced with a blank stare

No dream could prepare a heart for a lifeless friend.

He's gone. Nothing will take back time.

I need him bakcbut nothing will take back time

(take back time)

I can see just fineyou in my life

there by my side as it starts to fade

I know this can't be rightstuck in a dream

a night mare full of sorrow

Nightmare - full of pain

I look back and see the twisted road

Best friends despair took its toll

Taken away

You can't be replaced

I'm left alone with you

in spirit and the words

you wrote to me

Sorrowsank deep inside my blood

all the ones around meI cared for

and most of all I loved

but I can't see myself that way

please don't forget me

or cry while I'm away.

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