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Artist :Barry Manilow
Album :Scores A Songs From Copacabana and Harmony
Title :

Stars in The Night

Looklook at the stars
How brilliant they are
How can they be shining now?
When hope is so far
Looklook how they shine
These cruelest of stars
What fire inspires them
What faith is it fires them?
Darkness growsthe world turns cold
And stillthere glows the light
Heaven knows what hope they hold tonight

Looklook how they shine
These stars in the night
The darker the night becomes
The brighter their light becomes
Chill winds wail
The tempest blues
and clouds asail the sky
Through the veil
The stars refuse to die

In this world of darkest night
Where hope is hurled away
There they are
And stillthere's light
Ohso farbut will they
There they lift our hearts
As we lift our eyes
Are we fools to see
The harmony that fills the sky
Lookthere's the light
Stars In The Night
The Stars In The Night

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