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Artist :Aimee Mann
Album :Everything"s Different Now
Title :

(believed You Were) Lucky

Capo 1: f maps as e

Note: this is the way i've seen aimee play it in concert (wellin e - the

Recording is in f --- mei play it in a with alternate fingers

E.g.a = x07650 or x07600; d = xx0770 and f#m as 044200 - well

You get the idea...)

*** intro:

E | e

*** verse 1:


So i guess i'll give it up


Yeah i guess i will


What's the use in pushing

F#m e

When it's all uphill

*** verse 2:

I can't be appointed e

Keeper of the flame e

Without two to carry a

It won't burn the same - oh f#m | e


It seems obvious to me


But then again


Could be a b

You just never felt that way

*** chorus

A e (bass e f# g# b c#)

I wish you believed in life

C#m b

Believed in fate

A e (bass e f# g# b c#)

Believed you were lucky

C#m b

And worth the wait

A e

'cause life could be lovely

C#m f# a2

Life could be so great

*** verse 3:

It gets so embarassing e

So i acquiesce e

And i'll change my mind again a

You change your address - oh f#m | e

It seems logical to me c#m

But then again b

Could be i was simply not that smart d | a b

*** chorus:

I thought you believed in life a e

Believed in fate c#m b

Believed you were lucky a e

And worth the wait c#m b

'cause life could be lovely a e

Life could be so great c#m f# a2

*** bridge:

D a

There must be some other door that they are saving

E b

Behind which my happiness lies

D a

I won't be wasting my words


To tell you hopes that i had -

B a2

We can just leave it alone for now

*** chorus:

I wish you: belief in life a e

Belief in fate c#m b

Belief you are lucky a e

And worth the wait c#m b

'cause life could be lovely a e

Life could be fucking great. c#m f# a2 e



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