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Artist :Aimee Mann
Album :Whatever
Title :

Way Back When

Who'd have thought

My old friend

We signed the papers and we capped the pen

But i remember you from way back when

'good eveningladies and gentlemen

Welcome david-what's-his-name-again'

Things change -

The old cliche

If we knew now what we knew yesterday

Ohwe couldn't give it away.

I was working at a record store

I knew you

You knew the score

Some kind of deal is what we're looking for

Time cameand disappeared

No one steered and

It got weirder

Help was neededno one volunteered.

Things change

You got to wait a bit

What made me think that i could weather it?

You're down before you even notice

You've been hit

And through it all i wondered where the bus

Was taking you

Who knew?

And even though my one and one was always

Making two

I never thought that i was breaking you.

We were victims of the old taboo

But people change

We changed too

Just make it count before they get to you.

Things change -

Babyhold the phone! -

They'll shoot you down like you was al capone

Ohyou better go it alone.

Welli guess that this is now the end

The paper's signed -

Forget the pen

Wonder if we'll ever meet again?

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