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Artist :Atreyu
Album :Suicide Notes & Butterfly Kisses
Title :


maybe it was the pink cloud strafed sky that changed my mind and brought me back

seems like every day it's kill or be killed...

with all this anger there is no time to inhale and progress

and catch the smell of something that you once knew.

have you ever stopped raised your face up to the sun and screamed

let it out exhale the pain

that strangulates your soulwhen will I be free

my lungs take in the fragrance of remorsewhat is the costam I living

if you let your lungs fill up with pain then you will drown in your own regret.

.my arms feel so numb my heart palpitates missing a beat.

the blood freezing in my veins. the taste of rust in my mouth.

But today I just threw it all away

.though the light burns my eyes I will not be blind

if you blink you could miss so much. please don't ever close your eyes

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