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Artist :Atreyu
Album :The Curse
Title :

You eclipsed by me

you made sure of that

you tired to keep me down here

your complacency has been your downfall

nobody made you king of the world

and i'm here to dethrone you

so kiss the ring motherfucker

its my timemy time to shine

grasping for the straws as they fall

maybe you can make a splint for your broken ego

for your broken ego

so i say thank you for the scars

and the guilt

and the pain

every tear i've never cried has sealed your fucking fate

what did you take me fora fool?

or were you just too fucking blind to see

that every effort made has failed

and there is no destroying me?

hate can be a positive emotion

when it forces you to better yourself

you built meconstructed my desire

perfected my hatred

now i'm driven to be ten times better than you think you are

piece by piece i've built my walls

and burned my bridges that lead back to people like you

so full of malice

so full of scorn

you tried your best to crush my spirit

you tried to steal my soul

you pushed my back against the wall

and i broke it down

i will not be broken

though i am the one that bleeds

i will not be broken

i am the one

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