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Artist :Atreyu
Album :The Curse
Title :

The crimson

boys do cry

and with blood tears in my eyes i'm an Anne Rice novel come to life

i can't hide the monster any more

one can only feel desolate for so long

until one starts to change into something the mirror doesn't recognise

i metamorphasize

the darkness has been biding its time to claim its latest victim

fresh meat for carnal desire to become what i became

i viewed the sun for the last time

will you still hold me when you seen what i have done?

will you still kiss me the same when you taste my victims blood?

so crimson and red i feel it flowing from your lips

my heart is dead and so are you

and it pulses throughthe desire to chance

to deconstruct all of my past failings

but where to begin because when you live in sin its hard to look at saints

without them reflecting their jet black auras onto you

and all i have is hope

my inner burn's not fading

i'll wipe the blood from my cheek and get on with my day

and all i have i hope

and all i need is time to bury in pine under six feet of time the lies i told about myself

claw my way out

pick the splinters from under my fingernails

i won't lose hope

i won't give in

just live and breathe and try not to die again

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