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Artist :Atreyu
Album :The Curse
Title :

The rememberance ballad

the end has become apparent

we're only here for so long

will anyone remember my name when time has washed away the dust of our ashes?

when my head rests in a velvet lined casket?

whats out there?

what is my eternal fate?

it only just recently hit me

that this life is just a state

mortality fading like the innocence of love

i'm scared to death of whats to become of my immortal soul of this eternal flame

will you remember?

will your heart sing with pain?

who calls out my name?

who can tell me what happens when my eyes close for the last time?

does it all simply end in a blanket of darknesswhat of my soulwhat of my soul?

all those things you couldn't sayyou should have said

all thise i love you's lostweighed more like lead on your chest

what if i could take back all those misspent days?

every second of angeri would wash my sins away

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