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Artist :Atreyu
Album :The Curse
Title :

Demonology and heartache

so insecure

you claim to know a thing or two about heartache

and what it's like to have your insides torn out

and i believe you

i see it every time your pallbearer's pallor is obscured by the darkness dancing across your face

and when the blackness veils your eyes in pain

i know what its like

when memories make you wince and love letters read like obituaries

and photo albums are the books of the dead

i need no reminders

no more reminders

i'll forget the past and lay it to rest

i'f i had my way i'd cut the calluses off your breaking heart if i could get past the sternum

cauterize those wound with every kiss i could give to you

i'm holding your heart in my hand - the reason it still beats

am i being too cryptic?

am i being too obscure?

love killsromance is dead and i don't even trust my self anymore

but i love you and you can pull my wings apart

and pin me down under glass until the end of days if it can help you discover

that we share the same pain

i just hope that you write your theisis before your subject is dead

no life after death

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