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Artist :Atreyu
Album :The Curse
Title :

My sanity on a funeral pyre

it's the larave of my self doubt

gestating in my heart as i spiral down

and everything i touch is breaking and it falls to earth in splinters

and i shiver as every splinter finds it's way underneath my skin

and after 22 years i can still make my skin crawl

every shortcoming a pitfall

on my way to making amends within myself to be what i became

sometimes it feels like the whole wide world has made itself my enemy

but i will stand upon my own two feet and raise my head up

i lick my wounds trying to cleanse the infection

rabid and diseased reality fades away

when i pushed myself too far

a dream of emotional perfection has left a wounded heart

trying to percieve the gifts inherent inside me

it's like squeezing the trigger

it's like opening fire on everyone whose let me down

on every beautiful lie that is only fiction for the first time

i'm losing control and i like it

freedom feels like the noose is gone

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