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Artist :Ash
Album :Meltdown
Title :



[verse 1]
High explosivegirl you turn me on
So volatilelike a walking atom bomb (just like a walking atom bomb)
It just takes one spark to carry seen
You go off like natural glisterine (go off like natural glisterine)

The town is right to D.B.A
The supernatural canopy
I'll show you how to detonate

[verse 2]
I'm coming upI'm rising from the flames
I've been born with fire in my veins (been born with fire in my veins)



If I'm in lovebabyyou're the bomb
I wanna make itwanna take itwanna love yawannaturn ya on
YeahI wannablow your mind
YeahI wannablow your little mind
Ooh I wanna detonateI wanna detonate
I wanna detonatedetonatedetonate

[chorus] x2


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