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Artist :Ashanti
Album :Concrete Rose
Title :

Don't Let Them

Say that u want me (yea)
Say that u'll never leave me (yea)
U gatta tell me u'll need me (and)
Don't let them take ur love away

(Verse 1)
Some say that i am a fool2 luv ya (2 luv ya) yes
Sum say that i am too dumb2 know whats rite 4me (2 know whats rite 4me)
But only i can live my lifen only i can feel my heart ache
I never claim 2 know everythingbut i know when ur luvs awayI
Cant sleepn i cant leaven i cant liven i cant breatheso
Dont make a fool of me juss love say...


Now they say that me knowin uwill hurt me (will hurt me) yes
N they say its a matter of time b4 u break my heart (b4 u break my heart)
But even when we're far aparti always feel that u are wit me
I hope n pray almost everydaythat our luv never goes awaycuz I
Cant see what i would bewith out ur luv all over meso
Dont make a fool of me juss love say...


Baby ur all (baby ur all)
All that i need (all that i need)
Need in my life (need in my life)
Right here wit me (right here wit me)

(chorus)til end

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