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Artist :Ashanti
Album :Concrete Rose
Title :

Don't Leave Me Alone

What up Ashanti?
Don't leave me alone (x3)

Boy wont't u jus lay wit mestay wit me
i would want it if u had ur way wit me
cuz i juscant get enuff of ur touch
u do the things i need to me so much
i dont wanna let u leavei dont wanna let u go
boy i need u here wit meso.....

dont leave me alone (x3)
Oooh yea yea yea....

Now if i could jus be wit ubreathe wit u
If u woulda asked me i would leave wit u
i would goaround the worldas long as i know
i would be right by ur side where ever u go
I aint tryna let u leavei dont wanna let u go
Oooh i need u here wit me

Dont leave me alone (x3)x2

one of the reason i dont ever wanna be alone
is cuz i like what happens to me when im in your arms
it feels like homewhere i belong
Oooh baby baby
Cuz my heart smilesfrom inside out
only u can do it 2mebaby u can do it 2me
so i cant leave u alone.....

Don't leave me alone (x3)


Dont leave me alone (til end)

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