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Artist :Amiss
Album :Exodus
Title :


I have to connect with something real

I reach out for you I know this is the first step

Of being free from the chains that bound me


I look to you for strength I look to you for freedom

For you are the only one who has the truth

I may have wonder off but I'm coming back running

I look to you to be my everything


I am weak when it comes to changing

You are stong when it comes to anything

Break mecrush me to submit to you

Take mehush me to hear you

You hold what i need to escape it all

Forgetting all that you've shown me

It's lost in the mist of my empty thoughts

I need a refreshment of what you've done for me

I need to open my eyes to see you



So far way

Fall downI pray

Hold me always

All of my days

So far away from everything you are

Fall downI pray move me do your worst

Hold me always I want to stay with you

All of my days you'll bring me through




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