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Artist :Amiss
Album :Exodus
Title :

Right Where You Are

You catch me before I hit the ground

You lift me up showing that I am found

I can't explain what you mean to me

I'm touched by you if only you could see

I love you. I'd do anything to be


Right where you are

You seem so very far away from me

I'd die just to hold you

I hope that you're thinking about me to

This distance is killing me

I only wish that I could see you now

I miss your scentyour touchyour embrace

I miss the smile upon your face

I miss your voice telling me that I'm ok

Did I or did I not show

How much I love you I want you to know

I love you. I'd give up everything to go


Your words you gave to me

Permantly remain in my mind

You can't rescue me from where you are right now

But I know someday I'll find

(Chorus x2)

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