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Artist :Amiss
Album :Exodus
Title :


I'm sick of the lies

I'm sick of you hiding

Behind your unrelenting disguise

You always bruit about me

Myself you distort

Your whisper campaign must end

I'm getting closer to my last resort


I hide from your pretentious face

You're so insincere with your unforgiving grace

Oh how they adore

You do they even know you?

Everything you're hiding and

All the things that you do (to me)

I'm sick of being questioned

I'm sick of running away

I'm sick of your stupidity

I get it everyday

It's you you're hurting

You never think it through

You try to be bigger

It's my life you pursue


Go away I can't handle this anymore

My heart is torn yet you still want so much more

What do you want? What did I do?

You just can't take that I'm so much better than you



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