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Artist :Amiss
Album :Exodus
Title :

Out of the Ordainary

You always seem to take my breath away

Like when I took

My very first look at you I had no words to say

Every move you make

Every breath I take I'm more infatuated

I want to stay

Forever this way I want to be right here


This is so out of he ordainary

Too good to be true

I cannot believe this is happening

I can't believe I'm with you

I'm so dilussional

My world melts awayall I see is your face

I need a slep back into reality

Waitthis is real

You lookat me

And all I see is you Now I need you

Permanant smile on my face

I long for your embrace do you need me too?

I looked all around

But now I've found you are the perfect one

I can't wait to do this again

Cause I dream of it when I close my eyes


How could this really be? It's blowing my mind

I'm thinkg why me? Cause you are the perfect find

I know this is real cause I can really feel you

This is impossible so out of the ordainary

(Chorus) x2

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