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Artist :Amiss
Album :Exodus
Title :


Inside myself silence you cannot break

Regrets of wakling past

Regrets of speaking way too fast


If I could go backI'd tell you "

Don't let me get too close"

My heart will bleedmy life will change

Please keep me away"

If I could go backI'd just

Leave it all that night night

I wasn't in too deep and I could still keep

Breathing when I was away from you

it's 2AM 3 hours til dawn

When morning breaks your feeling are gone

Regrets come again to take over me

Regrets too darktoo dark to see


Now you're goneI can't breathe

You're not hereI can't breathe

You turned your backI can't breathe

I need you back because I can't breathe

Everythings in my life falls apart it fell apart

Everything I said broke my heart it breaks my heart

Why did I do that?

How could I do that?


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