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Artist :Alkaline Trio
Album :From Here To Infirmary
Title :

Another Innocent Girl

He wanted to grow up to be an actor

But he never told anybody

He likes to spill all of his guts

On the top of a well stocked bar

And then swallow them bit by bit remembering every scar

As a valid reason for every drink

And a new tattoo is a new reason to think

He likes to pretend that he is all sewn up

It makes for a much stronger case

But there is blood underneath that skin

That scar is not so easy to erase

He walks with a glass cane now

He's careful when holding his body up straight

Can't go outside when it's raining

Can't smash up that beautiful face

Another innocent girl just made his list

That self pity shit is just too hard too resist

And when we get home

You'll see that this part of him is now part of me

And its way too easy to fake this smile lead you on

Maybe i'm wrong but everyone gets bored once in awhile

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